About Playground

Coming up with brilliant ideas is just one part of the process; molding, organizing and making them a reality is another.

We approach every new project with all the energy and excitement of a playground at recess. Our strategy is the driving force behind our process, carefully constructed to ensure an electric and seamless dynamic between our collaborators, in an environment that encourages open communication and fluid feedback. Our creative product is the refinement of an exhilarating show-and-tell of ideas.

The brands we craft for our clients are a compelling combination of the visual and verbal languages that will define their identities and establish their impact on the world.

Branding Studio
Austin, TX

Over ten years

Of creating purposeful, effective brands worthy of representing your dreams and ideas.

Our extensive array of work spans several industries, from start-ups and small businesses on more limited budgets, to large scale real estate developments. Our experienced team is ready to become a part of your story.

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Leadership team

Our studio is led by Enrique Ramirez and Diego Lares, longtime friends and entrepreneurs who joined their respective backgrounds and experience in business, marketing and architecture together in order to create Playground.

Expanding on the varied nature of their areas of expertise, Enrique and Diego’s dream for Playground has always been to bring together and form a part of the team that makes up our studio today, a multifaceted and interdisciplinary group of professionals including business experts, engineers, architects, designers, journalists and writers that are talented, experienced and capable of working together to produce compelling and comprehensive creative work.

Our value is defined by the effort of every person that makes up our team, as individuals and as a whole.

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Our clients & Collaborators

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Visual Storytelling, Branding and Design in NYC and Austin.